Fabry-Perot Etalons

Fabry-Perot etalons serve as optical filters in a wide range of applications where their unique combination of high resolution and transmission is an important attribute. TecOptics Corp.’s precision etalons are vital components for diagnosis and control in a wide range of optical systems, including:
  • Leading-edge scientific research
  • Spectroscopy
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Air-spaced etalons for narrow bandwidth astronomy filters
  • Remote sensing
  • Scientific and industrial lasers operating in the UV, visible and near-infrared spectral regions, where they supply wavelengths, tuning, and analysis
  • Narrowband, deep UV lasers for microlithography, where they facilitate wavelength selection and bandwidth control
  • Wavelength reference etalons for telecommunications
SLS Estalons
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Fabry-Perot Air-Spaced Etalons:

  • 2 to 100 mm Diameter Clear Aperture
  • FSR 2.5 GHz to 30,000 GHz
  • Air Gap 5 µm to 60 mm
  • λ/200 Matched Plate Flatness at 633 nm
  • λ/100 Parallelism at 633 nm
Solid Etalons

Solid Etalons:

  • Thickness 20 µm to 70 mm
  • FSR 1.5 GHz to 5,000 GHz
  • Finesse up to 50
  • λ/100 Parallelism at 633 nm
  • Aluminum housing or unmounted